About the Show:

Why Shamanism Now podcast airs live, every Tuesday at 11:00 AM Pacific time on Co-CreatorNetwork.com. You are invited to call in at 512-772-1938 or Skype in from the Co-CreatorNetwork.com site.

Archives of all of the shows are available free. You can listen or download the archives here; you can subscribe to the iTunes podcast, or access the Co-CreatorNetwork archives.

Why Shamanism Now? began as a producer’s idea at Voice America, but I heard the voice of spirit speaking through him. Though I knew the business end of dealing with VA would be problematic (incompatible dreams of reality!) I also knew I was being pushed to leap. So leap I did and we recorded our first show January 7, 2009. We have now edited all of the VA shows to remove the commercials and other annoyances. (Thank goodness!)

We joyfully recorded our first show in April 2010 with Co-CreatorNetwork. Co-Creator shares a compatible dream of reality, which includes the need to do business honoring the humanity in each other, balance, and the spirit of reciprocal exchange. None of us had any idea we would still be giving you new shows today, years later. That happened because of you, your donations, your questions, and your willingness to act to bring these teachings alive in your own lives.

About Christina:

My stumbling onto my path of authentic, non-traditional shamanism began in Manhattan living the challenging life of a modern dancer, having tossed my Chemistry degree and acceptance to medical school aside. After many desperate nights on my knees demanding to know “Why am I here?”, I got an answer of sorts in the form of a spontaneous initiatory experience that lasted for several days.

Today I maintain a shamanic healing practice in Portland, Oregon, offering “in person” and “long distance” shamanic healing of all kinds at Last Mask Center. I teach teleseminar classes, short classes here at Whole Being Health (the healing center I share with my husband), and a four-year, retreat-based, training in Shamanism for the New World called The Cycle of Transformation. This training focuses on a full shamanic life, from action to belief and how to use that to bring your unique genius fully into the world. For more information and a full calendar of classes, free talks, and monthly open journey circle go to www.lastmaskcenter.org.

In addition to healing and teaching I wrote an encyclopedia a few years back. That two-volume set, An Encyclopedia of Shamanism, is available for purchase at the Last Mask Center online store.

Last Mask Center
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