Tom Cowan is a deeply loved teacher and an internationally respected, author, lecturer, and tour leader. As a shamanic practitioner Tom specializes in Celtic visionary and healing techniques, while core shamanism continues to be Tom’s primary spiritual practice. In his teachings Tom combines traditional European spirit lore with universal core shamanism to create spiritual practices that can heal and enrich one’s own life and the lives of others. He is the author of many books, in particular one of the best books written on shamanism as a daily practice, Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life.

Tom’s lifelong interest in mystical traditions led him to develop excellent tours to Ireland or Scotland to practice shamanism at sacred sites and work with the spirits of the land. Tom is also a minister in the Circle of the Sacred Earth, a church of animism dedicated to shamanic principles and practices. Today he lives in New York’s Hudson River Valley where he offers training workshops, spiritual retreats, and healing sessions for groups and individuals.