Michael Dunning was born in Glasgow, Scotland.   After graduating from the Edinburgh School of Art he taught himself to play the double-bass and by the early 1990’s was performing in Europe and Japan with the award winning experimental musical – theater group, The New Theater (TNT).   He has also worked for a non-profit arts organization in Edinburgh, where for 14 years, he developed arts programs for adults with a history of mental health problems.  In 2003 Michael emigrated to US. Michael teaches yewshamanism throughout New England.   He also practices and teaches as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist.

Yesshamanism and Craniosacral Therapy:

Michael believes that the yew tree was once regarded by the indigenous shaman-healers as a great source of occult knowledge holding an ancient and embryonic language of healing and rejuvenation.   An account of Michael’s experiences under the yew tree can be read in the book, Soul Companions:  Conversations with Contemporary Wisdom Keeper, A Collection of Encounters with Spirit, by Karen Sawyer. Many years later Michael discovered that craniosacral therapy, and particularly the biodynamic model, provided him with a contemporary healing modality that related to some key embryonic aspects of his shamanic work.