John LockleyJohn Lockley is a senior shaman in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa. South African shamans are known as Sangomas, meaning seers, dreamers or prophets – they are the traditional healers of Africa. Following a prophetic dream calling, John suffered from the thwasa, a severe period of ill-health that is inherent in all ancient shamanic cultures. Through many difficulties, he served a 10-year apprenticeship with Mum Gwevu, a well-known Sangoma medicine woman in one of the poorest townships in South Africa. John is one of the first white men in recent history to become a fully initiated Xhosa Sangoma. John’s initiated name, Ucingolwendaba, means messenger or connector between people and cultures, reflecting the bridge his work creates between the cultures and teachings of his African, English and Irish ancestral lineages. John is based in South Africa, although his work takes him around Europe and the US.

John Lockley Leopard-Warrior