Carla Meeske (formerly Carla Person) has been offering shamanism and animal communication for clients across the globe since 1998. A published author and acclaimed instructor, she teaches Shamanism through www.animalspiritnetwork.com.  Carla teaches through distance education and live workshops. Her courses are geared toward healing animals, but the path involves deep personal transformation.

Carla pioneered the Shamanic Method for Animal Communication. She has been a professional shamanist for over 10 years, beginning her Shamanic studies in the mid 1980s and graduating from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 Year Advanced Training in 2000.

Carla’s publications include, The Calico Shaman: True Tales of Animal Communication, Speak to My Heart, and articles for Shamanism and Sacred Hoop Magazine. Her work has been described in Teaching Your Horse to Overcome Fears.  Carla has presented her work at the Society for Shamanic Practitioners Conference in 2006 and the International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing Conference 2004