Alex SeymourAlex served in the Royal Marines Commandos for 6 years and completed 2 tours of duty on active service. He then returned to serve as a reservist 20 years later as the oldest front line commando in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. After returning from a tour of duty during the war in Afghanistan, he needed a way to cope with the extremes he experienced in the war, losing 7 men in his unit, and having his best friend critically injured by a Taliban bomb.

Already familiar with entheogens, Alex traveled to the Amazon in search of ceremony and a shaman to guide him to something sacred to draw meaning from his experiences. His book ‘Psychedelic Marine’ tells this story and is available on Amazon.com.

Alex is the Technology Account Director for a global technology company and lives in Buckinghamshire, England, with his wife of 18 years, Julia, and his two children.

Psychedelic Marine