Listener Supported Shamanic Teachings

2012 was the first year Why Shamanism Now was 100% listener supported. Thank you.

I am deeply grateful for this. We are a living expression today of the ancient, global shamanic principle of reciprocal exchange that keeps us in right relationship with each other and our world, both the environment (physical) and the invisible realm (spiritual).

These shows are offered to the world with passion every week since the first show aired on January 7, 2009. All the shows are available free in the archives here, on iTunes, and on to listen or download. For us to offer the show free to you we engage production, web-servers, and other technical support costs to the tune of about $6000 each year.

If this show is meaningful to you in any way… if it moves you, whether to inspiration or frustration, anger or affirmation, then you have been moved. Please allow that movement in the heart to motivate you into action and do something to support the show. Donate any amount. Send in your questions and show ideas. And most importantly, use what you are learning; journey on the questions, step up and take the challenges, share the ideas with others in your journey circle…and let us know how you are changing your life.

We are grateful for all that you do. And remember, the people who cannot financially support the show and are using what they are learning to change their situation are grateful too. To allow your self to be motivated into action by what moves your heart is at the essence of the shamanic awareness that all true power is mediated by the heart. Be truly powerful and act. In deep gratitude, Christina

You are welcome to donate any amount, large or small. It all goes directly to keeping the show on the air.

Use the Donate button to send your support via Paypal. Paypal is an easy, fast and secure way to send your support, and you don’t need a PayPal account to send your support in this way.

Monthly Recurring Payments

We are frequently asked to add a “monthly recurring payment” feature. However, doing that is more complex and expensive than it should be. And we would have to dictate the amount you donate. I am not willing to do that. It is important that you are free to define the support you offer Why Shamanism Now. What we would be happy to do is to send you a pleasant monthly email reminder with a link to PayPal. If you would like to be on the monthly recurring payment list email Andrea at

If you are uncomfortable with the online payment options, please feel free to email me at for a regular address right here on Mother Earth.