Guest Selection

Our guests are invited to participate on the show because they are practicing some form of heart-centered shamanism, have written a valuable book, are out-standing in the field today, or are simply inspiring to listen to when they talk about their passions with Christina. In exchange for their time, energy, and heart they are free to use their show in any way to promote their work.

The guests on the Society of Shamanic Practitioners Interview Series are selected to help us to explore how contemporary shamans are meeting the challenge of their world where the relations of things—the living and the dead, the humans and nature, and Western Way and the spirit world—are profoundly out of balance. It is the ancient role of the shaman in all cultures to tend the balance of things. With these guests we explore how these shamans are meeting this extraordinary need today?

If you feel you would be an interesting guest on Why Shamanism Now or if you know of someone who would, please contact Andrea at or call 1-800-927-2527 ext 02586.