It is the feedback from listeners that inspires me. You share your questions and show ideas, your frustrations and inspirations, and sometimes your hard earned resources. It is especially inspiring to hear how you are taking what you gain from the show and making something new happen in your lives or the in the world. Sometimes what you make happen is art or poetry… whatever we call it, thank you for sharing it with me. Here, on this page, I am sharing it with the world to keep the inspiration flowing.

Shannon Brown Inspiration

“I listen to your podcasts on a weekly basis and they add so much to my life, both as shamanic learning and as motivation for my souls purpose. I had been listening in my car as I drove to a community learning centre. When I arrived to speak to the co-ordinator she asked if I could do an arts workshop for women on self-esteem. Well, after listening to your ideas about courage and the heart I knew it could be perfect, for self-esteem needs courage to grow and the heart to offer love and direction. I worked with a group of women in rural Quebec in a series of expressive arts workshops I titled “Nurturing the Courageous Heart”. It all fell into place and we met 8 evenings this fall. It was beautiful we painted, danced, used visualizations, dream theatre and shared our lives. This image is from a group mural we made on the last day. As we sat around it on the floor, speaking about our experience and a spider came dangling down, landing right in the middle of the image…! I continue to learn and grow my shamanic practice here in rural Quebec and to hold fire ceremonies, gatherings and workshops on my property. I thank you for what you offer to myself and the world- keep it up please! We are listening and growing and giving back because of what you do!”
Shannon Brown