DanielAbneyDaniel discovered a strong relationship with plant spirits and elemental spirits through his exploration of shamanism and decades of dedicated spiritual practice. Today he offers himself as a geomancer and healer to the energies of the earth, the elementals, and the plant spirits who are often set awry by unconscious human action. He is a founding member of Last Mask Community and is regularly called upon to work with the earth elements at the retreat sites and ritual locations that house the Last Mask Community’s work and teachings.

In the following Daniel clarifies the questions that allow one to act with the spirits of place and elemental energies with integrity. Daniel says, “These questions are asked to the highest source of healing we are able to be aware of.”

1. May I?

This is based in reference to “Have I been asked to do this, and by whom?”. I have had beings of all sorts, even trees, ask me for help when I was open to hearing the plea. The question helps prevent me from doing healing work from a purely ego base and personal energy source. If I do healing from an ego base and energy basis I will eventually run into another being with a bigger ego and skill set, and/or power, who has no intention of letting me succeed. It can be quite a painful and frightening experience.

2. Can I?

This is an opportunity to make sure I have the skill and training to do the healing. I may need to refer out to another healer.

3. Should I?

This question is often about the timing. Is the Being ready for the healing now, or is there a lesson or groundwork issue needing to be played out first. Is it in the best and highest interest of all involved?

If I get a “No” to any of the questions I wait and ask again later. The “No” may or may not receive an explanation. This is an excellent opportunity for ego to create mischief.

We can all think of places that have been seriously wounded energetically and successfully transform into a public sacred site. Anywhere a terrible act that caused death or pain was perpetrated on any massive scale, others who came and properly honored the dead, cleaned up the site and did what was possible to redeem the actors can tell you that the feel of the place was changed into one of hope and peace. The energy becomes one of healing, and not despair, to those who go there. Shrines, battlegrounds, sites of large scale terrible crimes, and similar sites are found all over the world. It is all the unknown and smaller sites that are cumulative in effect that I find needing to be attended to.

Daniel’s massage training commenced at the Brenneke School of Massage in 1992.  He has been active in advanced training and certifications since, accumulating over 3000 hours of formal massage education. Daniel’s curiosity and fascination with the human body and its amazing and beautiful inter-supporting systems is the inspiration for his drive to keep studying and learning.