Don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo is a respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru. His apprenticeship in northern coastal huachuma curanderismo and initiation into the southeastern Andean paqokuna shaman/priesthood, formally took place between the years 1969 and 1986. Don Oscar has been facilitating experiential workshops and apprenticeship programs around the world since 1979 that integrate millennial and contemporary healing practices and Earth-honoring ceremonial traditions with a focus on the creation of heartfelt sacred communities around the world.

Don Oscar is the originator of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of cross-cultural shamanism, a soul-infused vehicle for deep personal and planetary transformation, that blossomed organically from Oscar’s practice and fulfills the noble intentions of both venerable elders who bequeathed don Oscar with the oral sanction to preserve Heart Island’s (South America) ancestral healing traditions as Peru’s legacy to all future generations.  He is also the visionary founder of The Heart of the Healer Foundation (THOTH) whose mission is preserving indigenous wisdom and restoring our earth. More about THOTH can be found at www.heartofthehealer.org.