Lenore Norrgard was called to the shamanic path in 1987, following 15 years of intensive social activism, during which she worked as a journalist for Reuter News Agency, earned a masters degree in China studies, and lived in China for three years. From the time she was initiated into shamanism through a spontaneous healing from an animal spirit, she wanted to bring that miraculous healing power to bear on social ills. She experienced a life-changing paradigm shift around how to achieve profound social change, and started seeing herself as a social healer rather than as a social revolutionary. From very early on, her work as a shamanic healer, teacher and consultant has included working at the social level, most markedly through rituals for social healing. Last year?The Sacred Hoop, the premier shamanic publication in the UK, published her seminal article, Ritual and Activism: The Alchemy of Social Transformation. Her web site is www.lenorenorrgard.com.