Mark WagnerMark Wagner is a digital and traditional artist and teacher. He has worked as a Concept Artist in the film and game industry, creating art through Pixar for the Disney feature film – John Carter, and for fantasy and sci-fi films including Terminator 3 and Hallmark Entertainment’s DreamKeeper. He has also worked as Art Director, Production Designer, Creativity Consultant, and Matte Painter.
With a Masters Degree in “Arts and Consciousness,” Wagner specializes in visionary art, and has an in-depth understanding in the psychology of visual arts, symbolism, mythology, shamanism, and storytelling. Recent clients include the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History.
Wagner is an internationally known street painter / chalk drawing artist. He created the nonprofit Drawing on Earth, which inspires art and creativity in youth and communities around the world. Their first event set a Guinness World Record for the largest pavement art in the world. Recent clients include Genentech, SpaceX, and CBS Interactive. He lectures at the University of San Francisco (LAZER) and Stanford University. More recently Wagner has worked as a scenic painter and designer at DaVinci Fusion, an events production company in Northern CA.