War and the Soul: Healing Grief and Loss with Edward Tick

We continue in our four-part series exploring war, the soul and shamanic healing with our guest, Ed Tick, author of War and The Soul. Dr. Tick specializes in using psycho-spiritual, cross-cultural, and international reconciliation practices to bring healing to veterans, communities and nations recovering from the traumas of war and violence. (Part 1: Feb 25)

This week Tick will share his inspired work in Viet Nam where indigenous shamans are using shamanic techniques to assist in the location of MIAs and creation of peace for the spirits of the dead. These indigenous practices also create a way for families to finally grieve and heal the loss of their MIA loved ones.

Come join us in the discussion of what shamanism brings to the healing of people and the land where the bodies of the MIA of both sides lie hidden. Explore the challenges is this particularly frustrating wounding of war and the amazing ways closure, release and peace can be found with the aid of the shaman.

Listen to the show (just click the Play arrow):  [audio:pratt052009.mp3]

or download (right-click the link) the War and the Soul: Healing Grief and Loss .mp3 audio file.

About Christina Pratt…

Shamanic teacher and author, Christina is a skilled shamanic healer who weaves her authentic shamanic experience, extensive training, and experience with shamans from Ecuador, Nepal, Tibet, and Africa into her contemporary practice. She has been in practice for 20 years, specializing in soul retrieval healings, soul part integration, and ancestral healing. She is the director of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in Portland, Oregon.

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